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Ever since the incredible success of "O Lamb of God, I Love You", our shadow-puppet Easter special that told The Passion of Our Lord, we have had it on our hearts to create a companion piece, one that would tell the story of Christmas.

We knew it would have to be epic. After all, why did God become man? To give children the full story, we had to go back to the beginning, to the fall of Adam and Eve and journey through salvation history to the star that led the Magi to the manger.  Many Christmas retellings shorten the actual Biblical tale, removing iconic characters like Simeon or the prophetess Anna. But we took a different path. We have returned the story to its original scope, setting the famous prayers of Zechariah, Simeon, and, of course, the Blessed Virgin Mary to soaring classical melodies. Plus our very own Lolly Popular has illustrated the entire 40 min. shadow puppet play in a beautiful and winsome style.

This has been a labor of love and long hours for our creative team, and we are so excited that it will be ready to share with you this Christmas!

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“It's like stirring a spoonful of Mary Poppins into Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood!”

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Father of 5

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From the creator

Dear Parents,

If you’re like me, you care what your little ones watch. And it’s not just about shutting out the garish images, tin-eared music, or silly storylines - it’s also about guarding them from the “woke” messages that tell our children lies about who they are and who God made them to be.

That’s why I created The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello. I wanted to bring back the timeless artistry I enjoyed as a child: Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Mary Poppins, and Jim Henson's Muppets.

I also wanted to make a show that was unapologetically Christian - not “sort of” Christian, but deeply Christian.

Our children deserve the best. They also deserve the truth - the truth about Jesus, the truth about God, and the truth about who they are created to be. And the best way to instill that truth is through beautiful images, great music, and fresh storytelling that inspires wonder.

Join the thousands of families that have already discovered The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello. It will bring the truth, beauty, and goodness of God into your home and into your child's heart.

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Creator, “The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello”
about the show
meet the characters

A winsome country gentleman who leads his friends on adventures in the Land of the Baptized Imagination!

Caretaker of Pennywhistle Park, Lolly inspires the praise of our Creator with beautiful art, music, and dance.

Cowboy Roy strums his guitar to the rhythm of life, and, with the help of his Barnyard Animals, .

Curator of the Bookendless Booktower, he delights and enlightens with wisdom from the written word!

Guest Characters

The Wonderful World is filled with colorful characters that fill Benjamin's life with excitement your children will love to share!

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Come Explore the Land of the
Baptized Imagination

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What is a “Baptized Imagination”?

In his book, Surprised By Joy, C. S. Lewis describes how George MacDonald's fairytale "Phantastes," impacted his faith. He writes:

“What it actually did to me was to convert, even to baptize… my imagination”

– C.S. Lewis

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Why We Exist

At KIN we believe in the power of truth, told with art and beauty, to transform the thoughts and feelings of people. We oppose a modern culture that fragments families and assaults the minds and emotions of children. We want to help every family - father, mother, son, and daughter - to understand their place in the story of the world. By rooting artistic beauty in the truths of Christianity, we hope to illuminate the minds of children everywhere with a sense of wonder and confidence in a Creator who loves them.

KIN was founded by a family for families. With two decades of award-winning experience in music as the Annie Moses Band, the Wolaver family has expanded their mission into the realm of film production and narrative storytelling. Conceptualized by published author and musical songsmith, Robin Wolaver, and produced by Alex Wolaver, The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello celebrates truth, beauty, and goodness.

Utilizing puppetry, live song and dance, acoustic instrumentation, and extensive original music, The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello immerses children in a world that is hopeful, tactile, and beautiful.

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Screen Time that inspires

…play an instrument!

…fall in love with poetry!

…actually WANT to read a book!

…play make-believe!

…paint a portrait!

…share the gospel!

…give to those in need!

…write a letter to a new pen-pal!

What would it feel like to see your children dancing around the house, singing songs filled with the Word of God?

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Get the Entire Benjamin Cello Collection – all 20 episodes (over 460 minutes) – for $49.99 $37.99

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Baptize your child's imagination with the Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello.

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episode guide

Season One
Every Park Needs A Lark That Sings

set your mind on what is good

Benjamin Cello takes us to Penny Whistle Parkto visit Lolly Popular and the Cheerful Chums. Lolly has painted a Lark tflies through the Park, but an unexpected gust of wind almost ruins her hard work! We learn to “fill up your mind with everything that is good, honorable, upright, and pure!”

A Donkey Is The Best Friend Ever

be a humble servant

Miss Gretchen the music teacher pays a visit to Benjamin Cello to show him her new surprise toy. The two travel to the Big Ol’ Barn, to show Cowboy Roy and the Barnyard Animals, where they hear how Christ the King used the humblest of animals, a donkey, to teach us how to be a Humble Servant.

The Prosody Party: Poems, Prayers, & Promises

say a poem, and a prayer!

Professor Wordsworth is hosting a Prosody Party! With the help of the hungry Bookworms, Professor Wordsworth teaches Benjamin Cello and the Cheerful Chums  the four most commonly used poetic meters and then use them to write their own poetry and to sing a poem as a beautiful prayer to God.

Noah & The Rainbow

remember god's promises

What’s inside Benjamin Cello’s secret box? Find out when Benjamin brings it to Pennywhistle Park to host a show with Lolly Popular! It takes us back  to a great deluge, a floating zoo, and one of the most important stories ever told!

A Pocketful of Seeds

plant seeds of faith

Annie Appleseed and Benjamin Cello dig into the Parable of the Sower and take a trip to the Big Ol' Barn to sing along with Cowboy Roy and the Barnyard Animals as they consider the power of planting seeds of faith to reap a harvest of souls!

In The Beginning God Created

god created everything!

Benjamin Cello, Professor Wordsworth, and the Bookworms investigate the greatest opening lines ever written, including the magnificent opening words of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Season two
The Book Swap

learn to love reading

It’s time to read a book! Benjamin Cello, Annie Appleseed, and Miss Gretchen go to the Bookendless Book Tower for a "book swap" party, hosted by Professor Wordsworth and The Bookworms. They explore classics of literature and the one Holy Book that stands alone, and can change your life forever.

A Friend Loves At All Times

friends stick together

When Cowgirl Pearl brings her wounded chicken Hildegard to Benjamin Cello’s cottage, Our Mellow Fellow takes the finely feathered patient to Pennywhistle Park to teach the Cheerful Chums a lesson in friendship and how human beings are “made in the image of God”.

The Little Lost Lamb

the good shepherd will find us

Miss Gretchen the Music Teacher has a new puppy named Polly! She needs training, so Benjamin Cello leads the way to the Big Ol’ Barn to meet  Shepherd Sam, the Irish Shepherd who will help young David train Polly to be a faithful Shepherd, just like Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Preach The Word

tell everyone the good news

The Stump Jumpers, a missionary barbershop quartet, stop by the cottage to give Benjamin Cello a priceless gift! It all leads to the Bookendless Book Tower and a eureka moment where they learn what it means to preach the Gospel!

Overcome Evil With Good (The Prayer of Saint Francis)

how to handle hard times

When Benjamin Cello’s beautiful day is ruined by “bad news” filling his cottage with soot and smoke, he retreats to Pennywhistle Park where Brother Joseph’s courage and Lolly Popular’s joy show everyone how to overcome evil with good.


bring in god's harvest!

It’s harvest time at the Big Ol’ Barn! Annie Appleseed and Benjamin Cello team up to help Cowboy Roy, the Barnyard Animals, and the Cheerful Chums celebrate the bountiful blessings of God as they bring in the Harvest! Dance along with Hoedown!


the benjamin cello easter special:
The Benjamin Cello Easter Special: O Lamb of God, I Love You!

the easter story like you've never seen it before.

On this special feature-length episode, Benjamin Cello, Lolly Popular, and the Cheerful Chums join with traveling troubadour, Brother Joseph, to tell the story of the Passion of the Lord Jesus to little children. Using immersive and artful shadow puppetry and a soaring full-orchestral score, Brother Joseph and Benjamin Cello bring the Greatest Love Story Ever Told to life!

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The Problem with
Children’s TV

why should our children be raised on artistic junk food?

Children’s entertainment often scrapes the bottom of the barrel, and many parents are tempted to look the other way. But this wasn’t always the case!

There was an era when Jim Henson and Fred Rogers, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were just a few of the legendary talents who invested time in classic song and dance for children. Their worlds were tactile and clever; the songs unforgettable.

That’s the tradition The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello is keeping alive.

We hired the best puppet modelers in the business, built the “Wonderful World” from scratch, and brought on veteran songwriters with over 40 years in children’s music. Our cast is comprised of Juilliard-trained artists and award-winning musical theater performers.

But it wasn’t just excellence we wanted: it was a show that would fill the lives of children with Scriptural truth and thoughtful educational themes.

For instance: how many kids today are exposed to great poetry? And not just in a book, but in a fun, musical presentation that makes poetic meters easy to remember? When was the last time a children’s show inspired your child to play an instrument? Write a story? Read a book?

Even more importantly, how many children’s shows today plant truth deep into your child’s memory? And we don’t mean “truth” as in empty catchphrases like “live your truth” or “be yourself”.

We mean capital “T” Truth - the Truth of God revealed in his Holy Word. Truths about Creation, Redemption, Sanctification, Prayer, Holiness, Faith, Hope, and Love! Truths about Forgiveness, Courage, Imagination, and Wonder!

All the excellence in the world should only serve the highest goal: to spread the love of God into the minds of children everywhere!

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Child Playing: Lolly PopularChild Playing: Cowboy RoyChild Playing: Professor WordsworthBaby Benjamin Cello!

why not just watch
free content online?

the children's entertainment industry is a
factory for godless ideology

We all know our kids are sponges. But did you know that the images and sounds a young child sees are stored in the deepest part of their brain? Even Alzheimers patients can recall the songs they learned before the age of 12. This is a tremendously powerful time in the life of a child!

But if the messages they hear are the equivalent of junk food — or worse — poisonous lies, we can lose our kids over the long haul because they will grow up believing the worldview they saw on a screen.

But we don’t have to feed our kids artistic junk food - we can nurture their sense of wonder and their knowledge of God. The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello has been specifically designed to sow seeds of truth in the hearts and minds of the children who watch it, planted deep with memorable songs, beautiful images and great stories.

Highlights from The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello

The Reviews are In:

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Let Beauty, Truth, and Goodness shine into your child's heart.

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How can I watch episodes?

We’ve created a “walled garden” for The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello on our own platform (hosted at our parent site KIN.club) where you can watch episodes ad-free — without worrying about what video YouTube will show your child next.  Once you purchase our Digital Streaming offer, we will email you your easy-to-setup login and  you can stream or download episodes and songs to your child’s content!

What if I have difficulties accessing a video?

The KIN Support Team is active 5 days a week to help you answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise. Please email them here or call 833.316.1803.

What ages will enjoy the show?

In the TV universe, everything is segmented by "demo", in that language, we designed Benjamin Cello for the 4-7 year old demographic. However, to our surprise and delight, we found that entire families were watching the program together, and loving it! Check out the Reviews above for some testimonials!

Can I cast the show to my TV?

Yes. You can cast from our online player to any device supported by your computer or phone.

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Your order will create a login for our digital platform hosted at Kin.Club. You'll receive an invitation email to create your custom login, and once logged-in you can stream or download episodes without limitation.

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